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Civil law

We consult and provide comprehensive legal assistance in a wide range of civil cases. We prepare claims, applications, requests and other procedural documents to the court. We represent plaintiffs, defendants and third parties in the courts and other bodies.

Labor law

We represent and advise on labor contracts, execution, modification and termination; settlement of disputes (between the individual employer and the employee, also collective disputes) and the bodies of pre-trial court; we prepare the company's personnel management documents, collective agreements. We have gained considerable experience in effectively representing both employers and employees.

Insurance law

We consult and provide legal assistance to insurers and policyholders for insurance contracts, their execution, subrogation, reinsurance, (non) payment of insurance benefits and other related issues.

Private bankruptcy law

We consult and provide legal assistance to individuals who have large debts to creditors, the possibility to declare bankruptcy in Lithuania (from 2013 onwards. 1 March) or in another country, and thus restore their solvency. We also provide legal assistance to these persons and creditors.

Enterprise Bankruptcy Law

We represent both companies that meet the criteria established in the law of insolvency and the creditors of these companies.

Corporate Restructuring

Legal persons having financial difficulties, but without interruption of economic and commercial activity should be considered an alternative to bankruptcy - the possibility of restructuring in order to preserve and develop the legal person, to pay off debts and avoid bankruptcy. We provide comprehensive legal assistance in order to begin the restructuring of its motion.

Corporate law

We advise, represent, prepare documents on various corporate law related issues - legal entities and their branches in the establishment, management, reorganization, liquidation, purchase and sale of businesses and other issues.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

We provide legal advice in all matters relating to industrial property (including trademarks), patents, designs, copyright.

Competition law

We advise on legal issues related to the (un) fair competition and a restriction of competition, cartels, abuse of a dominant market position in its relations with the supervisory authority.

Real Estate Law

TWe provide legal services to businesses and individuals, related to real estate or construction companies. We advise and represent in all matters related to real estate purchase and sale, rental, lending, acquisition finance, real estate, rights registration and more.

Individuals are reminded that in the civil relations concerning real estate, they are not customers and do not dispose of legal privileges for customers, so before entering into transactions they must carefully and thoroughly examine all related issues.

Inheritance law

We advise all of succession-related issues: the inheritance by will and by law (in the absence of will), for legacy (non) admission and the ways (actually beginning to possess, filed a statement to the notary, by asset packing list) and the effects on the right to a reserved share, challenging the right of inheritance, the heirs of claims of creditors, the heirs of the relationship between both.

Construction Law

We advise and represent the construction related legal issues. This includes both the relationship between the builder (client), contractors and subcontractors as well as the relationship between a developer and public authorities. We advise on the legalization of unauthorized construction possibilities.

Contract law

All legal services for contracts, execution, modification and termination. Preparation of contract by the other party ready to contract your interests. We provide legal assistance for the invalidation of contracts (on an error, fraud, violence, economic pressure, a real threat, getting serious circumstances, the transaction form of non-compliance, etc.).

Transport law

Transport law covers a wide sphere of relations: road and rail, water and air transport legal matters; the purchase and sale, rental, leasing; Civil liability for damage caused by vehicles; vehicle insurance matters. In addition, we provide professional legal services to carriers that have their business provisions of the CMR.

Business Law

Business, or commercial, right in the broad sense includes all legal relationships in which at least one of the following relationship is an entrepreneur (physical or legal person). We provide advice and assistance to businesses and all their relevant legal issues. We can establish long-term legal service contracts with legal persons who require constant assistance in solvong everyday legal problems.

Public procurement law

We advise, prepare pleadings, representing both suppliers and the contracting authorities in the field of the dispute. We provide legal advice in all matters relating to the procurement process, the results of complaints and claims statement.

Land law

We advise on land transactions (purchase - sale, rental, lending, donation, exchange, etc.), on the establishment of easements, on transactions related to state land. We provide legal support for property rights to the existing real property.